May 2009

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By Matt Tempesta, Correspondent Wed May 27, 2009, 04:04 PM EDT Source: Allston-Brighton - For years, the stretch of land that runs along Lincoln Street in...Read more »
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By Sue Hoye As the tight economy forces more arts and cultural groups to lay off employees, many are holding out hope that the $50-million earmarked for arts jobs in the economic-stimulus law will stem the wave of layoffs, at least in the short-term. Arts groups have been particularly hard hit by...Read more »

March 2009

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NEMA News Spring 2009 By Dee Schneidman, Research Manager, New England Foundation for the Arts New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) has leveraged our 30 year history of assessing the economic impact of arts and culture inthe region to establish a flexible, yet structured, definition of who...Read more »

February 2009

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ON THE WIND | HONORING The New England Foundation for the Arts has a new grant program, the National Native Artist Exchange Fund, designed to cover the cost of travel for Native artists involved in collaborative projects. Kelly Church (Grand Traverse Band) of Michigan is the recipient of its first...Read more »

January 2009

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CultureCount Measures and Drives Creative Economy; WAMC Northeast Public Radio Click here to read the full article: more »

December 2008

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New England Foundation for the Arts announced today the appointment to their board of David McWilliams (MBA, Public and Nonprofit Management, ’94). In a press release, they reported: [T]he New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) announced the appointment of new board member David...Read more »
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September 2008

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NEMA News Fall 2008 NEMA is pleased to assist the New En-gland Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) inpromoting its new public service,CultureCount: New England’s CulturalDatabase. CultureCount ( ) complements NEFA’s creative economy research byproviding data on cultural...Read more »

August 2008

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Valley Advocate By James Heflin The Double Edge Theatre farm in Ashfield seems like a rural kingdom. Its main buildings cluster together near the road, and its 105 acres stretch away into the hills. Bringing the troupe to Ashfield from its original Allston home (a move the group made in 1995) was...Read more »
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