National Dance Project French-U.S. Exchange in Dance

FUSED artist Cie Herve Koubi | Photo: Christopher Duggan

The French-US Exchange in Dance program, known as FUSED, operated as a partnership between NEFA and the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE) from 2004-2017, fostering lasting partnerships between artists and arts professionals through meaningful exchanges in the partner countries.

Beginning in 2018, FUSED will operate on a new basis and be managed by FACE. Visit the FACE website for application information and deadlines. 

fused history and transition 

Between 2004 and 2017, the French-US Exchange in Dance program, known as FUSED, was managed by a successful partnership between NEFA’s National Dance Project, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, and FACE Foundation thanks to the generous contributions from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Florence Gould Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the French Ministry of Culture, and private donors. 

The program successfully introduced choreographers and performers whose works had never or rarely been seen in the partner country and contributed to building numerous partnerships between French and American presenters and artists, enabling innovative collaborations and cultural exchange, and was instrumental in reaching new audiences in both countries.  

FUSED has distributed more than $1,500,000 supporting artistic projects as well as curatorial research trips in the United States and France. Click here to see past grantees.

Beginning in 2018, FUSED will operate on a new basis and be managed by FACE as NDP launches new program elements. Information about project eligibility and application deadlines for both French and U.S. based applicants can be found on FACE’s website, and questions should be directed to Nicole Birmann Bloom, Program Officer, Performing Arts, FACE.


Questions about the program transition:
Sara C. Nash | Program Director, Dance | 617.951.0010 x512

Questions about the grantee report forms:
Cheri Opperman | Grants Coordinator, National Dance Project | 617.951.0010 x524 


Grant Deadline

The 2018 deadline has passed.