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Fabiola Decius // Teens WRITE: Ten-Minute Play Festival

Last month, Creative City grantee Fabiola Decius directed the Teens WRITE: Ten-Minute Play Festival, at Riverside Theatre Works in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood.Read more »


Creative City Grantee Events: August 2018

It's August! Here's what Creative City artists are up to this month: Read more »


Mother & Father Wit: Life Lessons

Throughout the spring, long-time legendary jazz singer, story-teller, and Creative City grantee Valerie Stephens worked with Boston-area seniors for her live story-telling project, Mother & Father Wit: Life LessonsRead more »


Creative City Project Aims to Raise Awareness of the Deafblind Community

Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins, Kerry Thompson's Creative City supported project, offered monthly salsa dance lessons to fellow DeafBlind community members in partnership with DEAF Inc. Thompson, DeafBlind dancer, dance teacher, and human rights advocate, and founding executive director of Silent Rhythms, reminds us that access to the arts is considered a human right, for allKerry is committed to creating opportunities that foster greater inclusivity in the arts, particularly for the DeafBlind community.Read more »


Creative City Grantee Events: July 2018

It’s July and Creative City artists are engaging communities and activating public spaces across the city of Boston with their projects!  Here’s a list of projects taking place this month:

New Urban Monuments | L’Merchie Frazier

New Urban Monuments is reimagining public space with regard to monuments and public memory. This month, lead artist L’Merchie Frazier...Read more »


Dance and Movement for All

Last month, Creative City grantee Wendy Jehlen led a group of seven Deaf movement artists in a series of public pop-up performances throughout Boston, called Project Listen. The troupe, raising awareness that dance/movement is for both the hearing community and the Deaf, too, performed their unique, wordless piece.Read more »


Creative City Grantee Events: June 2018

Summer is a busy time for Creative City. We hope you’ll have a chance to check out some of the Creative City projects taking place this summer, beginning with these events coming up in June!Read more »


Bringing Choral Music to the MANNA Many

In 2016, Eve Boltax of the chamber music duo Patchtax met Libby Gatti, a chaplain in the MANNA community (Many Angels Needed Now and Always) at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in downtown Boston. Through many conversations, they decided to offer more music in the MANNA community-- a group of homeless and recently housed adults. Read more »


Creative City project encourages American Dreamers to share their stories

American Dreamers Write: Reclaiming Our Stories is a community writing project centered around sharing stories as a uniquely powerful way to raise our voices, take action, and promote understanding about the experiences of Dreamers, immigrants, and children of immigrants by bringing their stories into the public realm via written works, public readings, and video projects.Read more »


Art & Culture Discussion Series: Art & Public Health

Art and culture implemented in community spaces through public art and cultural events can have a positive impact on community health in multiple ways. On Monday, April 23, a discussion about Art and Public Health wrapped up the third and final installment of a three-part Art and Culture Discussion Series co-hosted by the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Designed to explore how public art can address a range of planning goals and objectives related to green infrastructure, community building, economic development, and...Read more »


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