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December 2011

U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, Ambassador and Mrs. Kenneth Merten hosted the Center Stage program for Haiti at their residence. In 2012 Center Stage, funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural...Read more »

July 2011

Kathryn Garcia
I grew up in Miami, a city with one of the largest Haitian populations in the US, but I’d never actually been to the country until recently. Over the years, I’d been exposed to a fair...Read more »
Rebecca Blunk
Center Stage SM Artists Announced Contemporary ensembles from Haiti, Indonesia and Pakistan will tour the U.S. in 2012 (Boston, MA – July 12, 2011) Sufi-rock bands from Lahore…a comedy...Read more »
Jonathan Secor of MCLA
Jonathan Secor
Jean-René Delsoin's Dance company was magical. The energy, the talent, the drive. And to see them in such a wonderful setting. Small stage built outside on the back of Jean's house/dance...Read more »

June 2011

Haitian street gallery
Jonathan Secor
Port-au-Prince was such a contradiction of experiences. This amazingly culturally rich city and country, in such an impoverished condition. The richness of the music, the dance, the art, the food....Read more »
Haitian singer Emeline Michel
Rebecca Blunk
Our Haiti advance trip concluded just over a month ago, and I’m finally writing about it. Here’s what kicked me into focus: attending an amazing concert Thursday night in Connecticut, by...Read more »
Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin
Courtney Reilly
The flight to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from the sleek, new American Airlines terminal at Miami International is just under two hours - not even enough time to get halfway through Graham Greene's The...Read more »

May 2011

Asad Jafri and Sundus Rasheed of City FM89
Asad Jafri
The Center Stage program was exciting as soon as I heard about it. As the Director of Arts and Culture at IMAN (Inner-city Muslim Action Network), I have a profound interest in the performing arts...Read more »
Musicians at The Rock
Neal Copperman
I first heard of the Center Stage program in October 2010 through the call for artists. My organization, AMP Concerts , is very active in presenting international programs in Albuquerque and around...Read more »

April 2011

Deidre Valente
On our first night we were invited to a fantastic jam session at The Rock Musicarium – a spectacular outdoor amphitheater in a beautiful park setting just outside of town. ; What an introduct...Read more »