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December 2018

Kim Szeto
Shaw Pong Liu is a violinist , composer , creator of Code Listen , Creative City grant recipient , and much more . Shaw Pong creates listening-centered, multidisciplinary projects that use music to...Read more »

August 2018

Kim Szeto
It's August! Here's what Creative City artists are up to this month:Read more »

July 2018

Kim Szeto
Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins , Kerry Thompson's Creative City supported project, offered monthly salsa dance lessons to fellow DeafBlind community members in partnership with...Read more »
Kim Szeto
It’s July and Creative City artists are engaging communities and activating public spaces across the city of Boston with their projects! Here’s a list of projects taking place this month...Read more »

January 2018

Kim Szeto
t’s a new year, and a time for new partnerships! Creative City is proud to be partnering with City of Boston’s Artist-In-Residence , Now+There’s Public Art Accelerator , and the...Read more »

July 2017

Kim Szeto
Creative City information sessions are in full swing in anticipation for the final application deadline of Creative City’s pilot phase on September 25. We are delighted to announce further...Read more »
Kim Szeto
The Creative City application is now live, and with the final application deadline of the program’s pilot phase just over two months away (11:59PM EDT on Monday, September 25, 2017, to be exact...Read more »

May 2017

Kim Szeto
Spring has sprung in Boston and several Creative City grantees will be presenting their projects to the public over the coming months. Here are the details if you’d like to check them out:...Read more »

January 2017

Kim Szeto
The next Creative City application deadline is a little less than a month away! The deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:59PM EST. Creative City supports artists who are interested...Read more »

December 2016

Kim Szeto
I am excited to offer a series of informational sessions focusing on Creative City , a three-year pilot that makes grants to Boston area artists to create works that integrate public participation. [...Read more »