Posts about Public Art

December 2018

Kamaria Carrington
... Sweat it Out opened its doors to the public on Nov 25th with a soft launch and detox. The first two of six sessions, lasting four hours each, has brought a steady flow of sweaty conversations.Read more »
Kamaria Carrington
Creative City artist Yara Liceaga reflects on her transformative experience working on Accentos Espesos/Thick Accents...Read more »

November 2018

Kamaria Carrington
Creative City Artists are bringing live performances and creative placemaking to Boston neighborhoods. Check out these upcoming events to find out what art experiences are popping up near you!Read more »

October 2018

Kamaria Carrington
Public art events are here for the fall season! Check out Creative City Artists’ workshops, interactive art installations and performances that are popping up around Boston October-November!...Read more »

September 2018

Kamaria Carrington
September is here! Check out Creative City Artists’ workshops and performances that are popping up around Boston this month!...Read more »

August 2018

Kamaria Carrington
Breath and Balloons is a public dance performance choreographed by Chavi Bansal who worked with the youth from Roxbury Tenants of Harvard ("RTH") to create a movement-based performance, using...Read more »
Ami Bennitt
Last month, Creative City grantee Fabiola Decius directed the Teens WRITE: Ten-Minute Play Festival , at Riverside Theatre Works in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood...Read more »
Kim Szeto
It's August! Here's what Creative City artists are up to this month:Read more »

July 2018

Ami Bennitt
Throughout the spring, long-time legendary jazz singer, story-teller, and Creative City grantee Valerie Stephens worked with Boston-area seniors for her live story-telling project, Mother &...Read more »
Kim Szeto
Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins , Kerry Thompson's Creative City supported project, offered monthly salsa dance lessons to fellow DeafBlind community members in partnership with...Read more »