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May 2013

Sarah Long Holland
Detail, wall hanging from Sindh province, Pakistan It's been a month since I returned to Boston from Pakistan, where I had the...Read more »
Robert Richter
It’s been more than three weeks since we have returned from our Center Stage trip to Pakistan and I have been pondering what to say in this blog. How do you capture a trip like this? What do...Read more »
Brian Jose
I am finding it difficult to highlight any single experience from my Center Stage trip to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so I've been putting off writing this post for several days. It's not that...Read more »

April 2013

Charles Robin
It amazes me how much cultural immersion can happen in just 10 days. Knowing I just scratched the surface, I feel like I have so much more understanding of the cultural life in Morocco after...Read more »

March 2013

Lisa Booth
As I was coming of age during the Vietnam War, if anyone had predicted that 40 years later I would travel through the Mekong Delta in a sampan, I would have chalked the vision up to someone’s...Read more »
Kelsey Colcord
The last (but not least!) of the Center Stage 2012 ensembles to arrive in the U.S. was Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF), a group of DJs and rappers who incorporate Indonesian pop and gemalan music,...Read more »
Kelsey Colcord
BélO, Haiti's socially conscious groove innovator, came to the U.S. with Center Stage in late October 2012. Although he had performed in the states before, this was BélO's first time to...Read more »

February 2013

Kelsey Colcord
In Mid-September 2012, Ti-Coca & Wanga-Nègès arrived in Washington, D.C. from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This group of internationally renowned troubadours lit up every festival, school...Read more »

January 2013

Kelsey Colcord
Before Zeb and Haniya headed back to Pakistan after their Center Stage tour, one of the musicians remarked, "Music is the sound of emotions, it doesn't lie, it connects straight to the heart, it...Read more »
Abigail Maulion
As a good third of our office prepares to leave for APAP in New York City in a few days, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know where to find NEFA staff amidst the conference chaos. Throughout...Read more »