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August 2013

Abigail Maulion
Abigail Maulion
As summer comes to a close, we here at NEFA are gearing up for all of the conferences and events that the fall season has to offer. Below is a list of events that my colleagues and I are attending...Read more »

July 2013

Dee Schneidman
On June 6 and 7, NEFA and co-host Creative Portland gathered over 240 leaders from around the New England region (and a few...Read more »
Steven Skerritt-Davis
NDP’s Regional Dance Development Initiative (RDDI) provides professional growth for dance artists in regions across the U.S. during 10-day dance labs held every three to five years in cities...Read more »
Elizabeth Bouchard
NEFA’s National Theater Project supports the development and touring of contemporary artist-led collaborative, ensemble, and devised theater work. Check out these NTP-funded touring...Read more »

June 2013

Jonathan Katz
Thank you, Julie [Richard, Executive Director, Maine Arts Commission], for that generous introduction. I also want to thank Alex Aldrich [Executive Director, Vermont Arts Council] for his...Read more »
Mary Kelley
I arrived at the Creative Communities Exchange 2013 on Thursday morning at MECA to a busy reception table – people arriving from all over New England. The hum of voices thro [scald=1206:...Read more »

May 2013

Elysian McNiff
This CCX will immerse participants in Portland's vibrant Arts District , a downtown area that has experienced a remarkable story of revitalization through a focus on the arts, culture, education, and...Read more »

March 2013

Kelsey Colcord
The last (but not least!) of the Center Stage 2012 ensembles to arrive in the U.S. was Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF), a group of DJs and rappers who incorporate Indonesian pop and gemalan music,...Read more »
Kelsey Colcord
In November 2012, Center Stage welcomed two very funny men to the U.S., Danish Ali and Ali Gul Pir, also known as Very Live. While on tour in the U.S., they were eager to see what made Americans...Read more »
Dawn Spears
As a part of the TAAC/Rhode Island Planning Committee, I am excited that this year’s conference, OPEN DIALOGUE 13, will be here in New England. This is an exciting opportunity bringing The...Read more »