Posts about Calls to Artists

October 2012

Elysian McNiff
The following is a compilation of calls to artists that I am happy to share with the field. Please feel free to contact me with opportunties that you want to be included in a subsequent post. 1. RFQ...Read more »

August 2012

Elysian McNiff
It’s here! NEFA's August Public Art Bulletin !...Read more »

July 2012

Elysian McNiff
Check out the latest in public art at NEFA in this month’s Public Art Bulletin !...Read more »

January 2012

Adrienne Petrillo
What a year it has been! Three foundations signed on to help meet the goals of Center Stage , we traveled to Haiti, Indonesia, and Pakistan to meet with the artists, and the tour planning is well...Read more »

June 2011

Haitian singer Emeline Michel
Rebecca Blunk
Our Haiti advance trip concluded just over a month ago, and I’m finally writing about it. Here’s what kicked me into focus: attending an amazing concert Thursday night in Connecticut, by...Read more »