In a room, with paint smudged on the walls, a woman poses.

Ana Flores

Advisory Council
Earth Inform Studio
Charlestown, RI


Ana Flores is a sculptor, ecological designer, and educator. Her sculptural work focusing on cultural and ecological narratives is shown internationally and included in private, corporate and institutional collections throughout the United States and abroad. For two decades she has been promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and groundbreaking collaborations between the arts and sciences. She has worked with communities to design award-winning outdoor installations, parks, and programming that engage people with the cultural and natural history of their local landscapes. Her latest projects focus on forest ecologies, two solo shows upcoming are at Wave Hill, NY in 2020 and at the Lyman Allen Museum in New London int 2021. Flores’ capacity for engaging communities with their local terrain has made her the first artist in residence for the U. Fish and Wildlife service (2006-09), and the first artist- conservationist chosen to be an Audubon TogetherGreen Fellow (2008). One of her projects, Poetry of the Wild, which engages communities to think mindfully about their local landscapes continues to travel around the United States, as well as sites abroad. Flores is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, a fellow in Biomimicry, Biomimicry Institute, and has earned numerous fellowships to study Sustainable Design and Ecological Design at Schumacher College, a think tank for art and ecology in the UK, She is the principal of Earthinform Studio located in Charlestown Rhode Island.

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