National Dance Project Touring Award

NDP Touring Award recipient Lionel Popkin | Photo: John Altdorfer

NDP Touring Awards support U.S. tours of dance works by national and international artists with up to $35,000 in subsidy reserved for each project's tour through NDP Presentation Grants. 

More about NDP Touring Awards

Each fall, up to ten dance works with planned U.S. tours are selected to receive Touring Awards through a competitive application process. These Touring Awards  represent up to $35,000 of reserved funding for each project’s tour, which in turn is distributed through the NDP Presentation Grant  process to U.S. nonprofit organizations (a.k.a. presenters) to subsidize up to 50% of the artist’s fee (including housing, per diem, and travel) for the presentation of the NDP project. This subsidy is available to presenters interested in presenting the completed work on tour during a specific 18-month timeframe (NDP Touring Period).

How It Works:

After an artist/company’s dance work has been selected for an NDP Touring Award, they must designate a tour coordinator to organize the tour. NDP publishes details about each project, including contact information for tour coordinators, in the National Dance Project Awards publication and online to help promote these projects to interested presenters around the U.S. 

Tour coordinators for each project are responsible for: 

  • negotiating artist fees directly with presenters; 
  • allocating tour subsidy (up to 50% of the artist fee, including housing, per diem, and travel) from the reserved NDP Touring Award funds to each presenter;
  • communicating the project’s NDP Touring Period to presenters along with other pertinent information, such as technical requirements;
  • submitting tour plans  by the appropriate deadline and communicating any changes to the tour in writing to NEFA. 

Touring Award recipients submit their tour plans to NEFA in early-March by a given deadline. Tour plans include information about each engagement that will be part of a project’s NDP tour, including the amount of the artist fee (including housing, per diem, and travel) being paid to the artist/company by the presenting organization, and the amount and percentage of Touring Award subsidy each organization will receive once the NDP Presentation Grant  process is complete.

After receiving the tour plan, NDP staff reviews eligibility and invites those presenters included on the tour plan to submit a Presentation Grant application online by a mid-April deadline. In order to be invited to apply for a Presentation Grant, a presenter must be included on a project’s tour plan and meet all eligibility requirements for a Presentation Grant. 


 To be eligible to apply for a Touring Award, applicants must:

  • Be choreographers or companies applying for a project with a planned U.S. tour during the NDP touring period of:  June 1, 2015–November 30, 2016. Applications from artists/companies based outside the U.S. are eligible. 
  • Demonstrate that at least three U.S. nonprofit organizations (presenters) from at least two states will present the work on tour.

Applicants who are NOT eligible to apply for a Touring Award are:

  • Choreographers and companies currently receiving NDP support through an NDP Production Grant or previous Touring Award. 
  • Artists who have received an NDP grant (either Production or Touring Award) for two consecutive touring periods. In that case, artists must take one full cycle off following the conclusion of the NDP tour before applying again.
  • School, youth, or student companies and groups. 

Funding Criteria

Projects applying for Touring Awards should:

  • Be in an advanced stage of development and be ready for touring at the beginning of the NDP Touring Period, which begins June 1, 2015 and runs through November 30, 2016.  
  • Involve presentations of dance works of genuine imagination and originality by artists of recognized skill and accomplishment.
  • Demonstrate that at least three U.S. nonprofit organizations (presenters) from at least two states will present the work on tour.
  • Offer potential to engage audiences because of the presented works’ relevance, originality and/or timeliness, and the project’s use of live and virtual strategies to connect the artists and the public.
  • Expand the aesthetic styles, geographic reach, and creative engagement strategies of projects funded through the NDP Production Grant process.

Process & Deadlines


  • October 14, 2014: Eligible applicants apply online and must submit their application by 11:59pm EST on the deadline. Note that applicants should be able to demonstrate a history of touring and that video work samples are required. 
  • November 2014: Projects selected for NDP Touring Awards are notified in late November and up to $35,000 is reserved for that project’s tour for the NDP touring period of June 1, 2015-November 30, 2016
  • November 2014: The awarded artist/company designates a tour coordinator who will be responsible for managing the NDP Touring Award, including communicating to NEFA how much tour subsidy each presenter will receive (up to 50% of the artist’s fee, including housing, per diem, and travel, via the Presentation Grant process) through the submission of a tour plan. 
  • December 2014: NDP Touring Award projects announced and released in the December 2014 National Dance Project Award publication.
  • December 2014–March 8, 2015: Presenters who are interested in receiving NDP funding to present an NDP project contact the project’s tour coordinator. Tour coordinators negotiate artist fees and touring subsidy directly with presenters. 
  • March  9, 2015: Tour coordinators submit a tour plan to NEFA confirming the presenters on the NDP tour, the artist fee (including housing, per diem, and travel), and the amount and percentage of tour subsidy for each organization, not to exceed 50% of the artist fee (including housing, per diem, and travel.)
  • March 2015: NEFA reviews eligibility and invites presenters included on the submitted tour plans to apply for an NDP Presentation Grant for the specific amount allocated by the project’s tour coordinator. 
  • April 13, 2015: Presentation Grant applications must be submitted online by 11:59pm EST.
  • May 2015: Presentation Grant notifications and grant award agreements will be made in late May. 
  • Presenters receive the grant as reimbursement after the engagement takes place and upon submission and approval of a receipt form signed by the artist/company and a final report. 


  • October 14, 2014: Touring Award application deadline for the NDP touring period of June 1, 2015-November 30, 2016.
  • March 9, 2015: Tour plan submitted to NEFA by awarded artist or company’s tour coordinator. Download Tour Plan Form.

See Presentation Grant page for process and deadlines for presenters. 

Grant Applications & Instructions

The deadline for applications is October 13, 2015.


Questions about the program or eligibility:
Sara C. Nash | Program Manager, National Dance Project | 617.951.0010 x512

Questions about the application process or grant forms:
Cheri Opperman | Grants Coordinator, National Dance Project | 617.951.0010 x524

Elizabeth Epsen | Program Coordinator, National Dance Project | 617.951.0010 x521

Grant Deadline

October 13, 2015