Ti-Coca & Wanga-Nègès

Ti-Coca & Wanga-Nègès

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

Masters of Haiti’s acoustic twoubadou (troubadour) tradition, Ti-Coca and his band are “a loose-limbed, rootsy treat.” (BBC News) 

Renowned internationally, Wanga-Nègès (the name refers to a hummingbird that's a symbol of seduction) were formed by David Mettelus -- Ti-Coca ('little coke bottle') in 1976.   For 30 years, the musical cocktails they mix have offered up the sparkle and also the bitter and sweet sides of life. Mereng (Haiti’s cousin to the Domican meringue), and Konpa-direk, the most popular dance rhythm from the 1950s to the 1980s, share the stage with contredanse and Cuban influences. 

"We’re very Haitian in the rhythm, the words, the feeling.  It's dance music you can find in the streets, the beaches, private parties. It's very tasty and easy to dance to. Lyrics can be critical of society, they often are. But this music is first made to share a moment of pleasure between people." (Ti-Coca)

Touring September-October 2012
Travelers Six (five band members, one company manager)
Venue Indoors or outside; typical sound set-up; some backline required
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