Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Papermoon Puppet Theatre

(Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

In a country with world-renowned puppetry traditions, the young, expert artists of Papermoon are extending the form with their mixed-media productions, and creating works that imaginatively explore identity, society and Indonesia’s recent past.

On tour for Center Stage: Mwathirika, set in 1965, the infamous Year of Living Dangerously, when thousands of Indonesians were jailed and murdered. A history of the lost, and the lost history of a nation. A non-verbal, puppet-theater experience in 60 minutes. 

Puppetry workshops for all ages available.

Touring September-October 2012
Travelers Nine (seven performers, one production, one company manager)
Venue Intimate, well-equipped proscenium stage (250-300 seats maximum) 
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