(Lahore, Pakistan)

One of Pakistan’s top pop bands, noori helped define Sufi-rock. Led by charismatic brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza, noori delivers a great rock and roll show with a distinctive subcontinent kick.

Noori’s debut 2003 album created whirlwinds across Pakistani communities all over the world and introduced the pop/rock music to the national mainstream. Its content was a departure from the usual pop diet of chummy love songs and focused on inspiring the youth of Pakistan to take up the responsibility of doing something worthwhile for themselves and others. That initial hopefulness is tempered now, resulting in more complex thematic and musical explorations that continue to push the boundaries.
 “As one of the leading names in Pakistan’s music industry, noori is often credited for revitalizing rock music for Pakistan’s youth.” (Coke Studio, Pakistan)
Touring June-July 2012
Travelers Ali Noor (vocals and guitar), Ali Hamza (vocals and bass),  Louis John Pinto (percussion), Faraz Anwer (guitar), Rakae Rehman (sitar), Zeeshan Parwez (keyboards, synths and loops), Mohammad Omer (tour manager)
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