Arieb Azhar

Arieb Azhar
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Defying easy categorization, Arieb Azhar’s mesmerizing baritone “encompasses about all the emotions life has to offer” (PRI). He leads a quartet of musicians in an eclectic mix of urban and folk-based songs grounded in Sufi and other humanist poetries from across Eurasia. A world class troubadour whose sets pay tribute to Irish balladeers, Croatian gypsies, Punjabi traders and ancient Sanskrit texts.

“Rather than preserving ‘pure’ art forms, we try to express the human soul the best we can, while making use of all influences we have absorbed along the way.” (Arieb Azhar)

Touring June - July 2012
Travelers Five: Arieb Azhar (vocals and guitar), Kashif Ali (tabla), Muhammad Akmal Qadri (flute), Zeeshan Mansoor (guitar), and one company manager.
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